Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lonar crater

From many years our group used to visit Lonar, we took hundreds of students for Study tour, we carried out Lonar cleaning activity many times, talked with local people, govt.authorities, marched through village for "Save Lonar movement" for conservation & preservation of this unique site.



March 2, 2012: Last week I went to Gadchiroli for some work regarding science centers. That day I witnessed a huge enthusiasm among youngsters to join Police force. For 1000 posts more than 16,000 boys & girls were present. In this small place, all kind of food; drinks were consumed by these guys. Mobile network was jammed as everyone was busy on cell phone. I reached very late at Nagpur.

March 3, 2012: 6:30 am

At the counter of Jet airways I asked for window seat! That guy allotted me window seat A30. I was excited. When plane took off, East was on my left side & because of Sun, I was disappointed as it became very difficult to take images against sunlight. I was cursing that guy & trying to peep out through the window on the other side. I tried to capture Nagpur’s aerial view but all in vein b’coz of sunlight. I kept camera back in bag n started my Videocon Ducati cell phone GPS ignoring instruction from plane staff. I was busy in observing changing altitude and pressure and I found my cell phone was able to capture signals from satellites.

Woooh what is that out side ???

I was just looking at it & thought it is….

Looking like a crater ??

How I don’t know about that ???

It is a crater like shape….

I must record it’s latitude & longitude to check later when I will be back home…..

ohh sheet no pen-paper to write and guy next to me was in deep sleep, should I pick up his pen? ….

Suddenly I decided to take image of mobile screen (N 20.28 & E 76.77)

Ohhhhhhhh… IT IS LONAR !!!!!

Yessss it isssss….

Eurekaaaa….. I was as excited as I have discovered it…

I was stunned by the aerial view of Lonar….

Ohhhhh my Lonar, I used to visit you many a times, I photographed you from hundreds of angle… & today I don’t have a single word to describe your beauty from more than 35,000 feet, want to jump in the plane but cant…..

By that time I forgot to store that spectacular scene in camera…. quickly I started camera n captured that stunning view…. I managed to take only 2 photographs… n looking deep back in the window, goodbye to Lonar ….. This all was happened in less than a minute or two…. Will be back again……

In the image below you can see a Dam also along with Lonar crater

Lonar Meteorite Impact crater perfect aerial view from more than 35,000 feet..