Saturday, July 10, 2010

Black Buck Saturday @~@

Well-well-well, this friday night planned a great morning for me. We reached by 8:00 pm at Rehekuri sanctuary. This is reserved for Black Bucks. When we reached there, it was black out as there were no electricity. And what an astronomer want more ?? Twinkle Twinkle stars everywhere.. & milky way on the zenith AWESOME !!
It was a pleasant morning, cold breeze, very energizing aroma around. We took a long walk in Sanctuary, we only 4 were present in the 2.17 Sq. Kms. sanctuary. One male black buck welcomed us standing right in the middle of the road. Then it was all fun & thrilling experience for me to follow hundreds of black bucks.
Overall this was a gr8 saturday,
"Black Buck Saturday @~@"

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