Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Clouds Again…. :(

Now this has become habit for us since many years, whenever there is an astronomical event or sky observation planned clouds follows us. It is easy to predict clouds for us simply plan sky observation :) That’s IT. Tonight Jitendra Joshi, Parag Gore & I planned for night out n sky is full of clouds, yesterday it was awesome. Today I met Mr. V.P. Sulakhe scientist ‘F’ from VRDE, he is interested in Aero, we had very fruitful discussion in short time. Hope to build strong relations with him in future. Now inquiries for Sunday Science School are started, need to plan everything very soon. The photo today is very old, we used to carry 6” telescope to the every part of Ahmednagar on two wheeler for public programs. That was really nice experience.
“Hamara Bajaj- Buland Astronomy ki Buland Tasavir”

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