Sunday, June 13, 2010

भूमंडळी अवतरली तारकादळे......

भूमंडळी अवतरली तारकादळे......
अविस्मरणीय अनुभूती!!!

Well, this weekend brings a lot joy for us. Veryy successful Bhandardara trip. But this all was not easy to catch, me & parag traveled to the Alephata to join Mandar. We moved from Alephata at 10:00 pm towards Bhandardara. Journey accompanied by heavy rain on the way to Sangamner. Near Rajur we all were looking for leapord & suddenly a big male Hyena crossed the road, & we all jumped in car. He gave us nice pose for photographs & went on his way, leaving us in exciting mood. It was around 1:00 a.m. when we reached Bhandardara & there was it what we went for. Fire flies in hundreds in dark, you can't imagine the scene. Actually they are thousands/lacs in numbers but due to rain their no. decreased but never the less we watched stars on the Earth Wowwwwwwww........ amazing experience n decided to go there next year.
Soon upload photos of the trip :0

Photo credit: Mandar Sable(Hyena) & Yogesh Kardile(Flying flies)

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